How to install Osymetric chainrings

Before you start: Installation of Osymetric chainrings is quite similar to round chainrings except that you might have to move the front derailleur up a little and perhaps also slightly more to the front. This is because of the shape of the chainring. To move the derailleur to the front there are shims that are included with an outer Osymetric chainring. So…. “How to install Osymetric chainrings?”

Installation of Osymetric chainrings

  1. Remove your current chainrings
  2. Place the Osymetric chainrings
  3. Position the front derailleur
  4. Ride with 10% more power

Remove your current chainrings

You can remove your current chainrings by loosening the bolts in the spider of the crank. These bolts keep the chainrings on the spider. Some cranks have thread in the spider , in that case you only have one bolt per hole. Most cranks have only holes in the spider so the bolt that keeps the chainring on its place consist of two parts. In most cases you can uptight the bolt with an alle key.

Place the Osymetric chainrings

This part of the installation is very important. to correctly install the chainrings keep in mind that the dead spot contains the smallest diameter.









Position the front derailleur

Ride with 10% more power