Osymetric chainrings

  • What are Osymetric chainrings
  • Why use Osymetric chainrings
  • How do Osymetric chainrings work
  • Who uses Osymetric chainrings
  • When to use Osymetric chainrings
  • What size Osymetric chainrings
  • How to install Osymetric chairings

What are Osymetric chainrings

Osymetric chainrings are non circular chainrings as in not round chainrings. They are not eliptical but have straight side that connects the rounded part of the whole figure. This shape is called a CAM or twin CAM (very technical, you can forget this information).

Why use Osymetric chainrings

By using Osymetric chainrings you produce less lactic acid at the same effort as with circular chainrings. You can generate more power and triathletes notice they can often perform better during the last part of the triathlon: running.

How do Osymetric chainrings work

Due to the shape of Osymetric chainrings the cyclist has more leverage in the 3 o’clock position of the crank. This is the point where he can generate the largest amount of power during the whole pedal cycle. So the cyclist can use more of his potential. In the 6 o’clock position (called the dead spot) the cyclist doesnt have to generate as much power as on circular chainrings also due to the shape of the Osymetric rings.

Who uses Osymetric chainrings

Many professional cyclists in the Tour de France and triathletes in IronMan races use Osymetric chainrings because of their performance enhancing properties.

When to use Osymetric chainrings

Osymetric chainrings can be used in all cycling disciplines, however especially in time trials (ironman triathlons) and Climbing or off road cycling where traction is a factor they give you the biggest advantage.

What size Osymetric chainrings

Osymetric chainrings come in different sizes. What you need to keep in mind as arule of thumb: The chainring is 10% bigger in the 3 o clock position and 10% smaller in the dead spot position. So a 52 teeth ring can generate the power of a 58 ring and can be pushed trough the dead spot as easy as a 48 ring.

Read on and Discover the perfect size Osymetric chainring for you

How to install Osymetric chainrings

Osymetric rings can be easily installed however you need to position them right.